Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
— Dorothea Lange

In-Person Workshops and Online Mentoring Sessions



This 1-Day In-Person Photography Workshop is perfect for moms or new photographers who just got a new camera or looking to take photography to the next level. We will cover everything from photographing in manual mode to chasing the light to posing tips and how to take candid images when photographing your own children.

Next Class: Address will be provided upon registration. Reserve your spot today! I will only run this workshop with a minimum of 5 attendees and a max of 10.

Would you be willing to be a hostess for the workshop session? This allows you to learn the light in your own home and photograph your children as the models for the session.

** Sign up here to be notified about the next workshop OR email me to learn about hosting your own workshop (you invite your friends, your seat is free).

Cost: €199 (including VAT)



Hourly One-On-One Mentoring Sessions are ideal for editing help, portfolio reviews, seeking advice on a photography project, or feedback and critique for getting into a peer reviewed program. Plan of action is based on pre-mentoring questionnaire.

Cost: €99 / hour (including VAT)



This type of One-On-One Mentoring provides ongoing support and accountability to those who are looking for a long term one on one help. It's a wonderful opportunity to come away feeling more confident in your shooting, whether you have a specific project or goal you are working towards.

Cost: €349 / 3 months (including VAT)

The act of making a photograph is less a question of what is being looked at than how.
— Margaret Atwood

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