This type of mentoring provides ongoing support and accountability to those who are looking for a long term one on one help. It's a wonderful opportunity to come away feeling more confident in your shooting, whether you have a specific project or goal you are working towards.

How it works:

To start, send me a link to 20 of your favorite images (personal, client or a combo) from your portfolio and a list of questions and goals. We will agree together the areas we are going to work on during the mentoring period. Within two weeks I'll send you back a screen cast or a PDF as I talk about each of your images, with my thoughts on your artistic voice, composition, editing, cohesiveness, and links to articles that might be helpful. As well you will receive a specific assignment to work on. Then we'll connect two weeks later via email to review how it went and I'll provide specific feedback on the assignment. In total we will have two email exchanges per month where I'll offer critique and advice. You will receive three specific assignment in total.

What's next:

  • You'll receive an email from me within 48 hours with instructions on how to share you images.
  • Within 2 weeks of you sending me your images, you'll receive an email from me with your link to download your video portfolio review. 
  • We''ll schedule the second session based on the assignment and the goals.

Please note: At the conclusion of the first three months, you'll have the option to extend the bimonthly email portion on a month by month basis for €150 per month for as long as you need. 

I offer individualized mentoring for photographers of any skill level. If you would like some guidance in a way that isn't listed above or have a question about any of the offerings contact me and we'll arrange a plan just for you.