How to document back-to-school memories

This summer has just flown by, and while we are relishing the last days of summer with our kids, we have started to think about preparing for the upcoming school year. My daughters are feeling very excited to get back to school and meet their friends and I have to confess that I really miss our school-day routine.

One of our favorite moments to capture is their first day of school and each year I am trying to come up with a creative new way to photograph it. It's not easy to get the perfect photo of the kids. You can find some tips in this article to make sure your back-to-school photos will look its best: 9 easy pro tips for back to school photos.

Instead this article will help you to document your first day of school and tell the story: 5 easy ways to photograph back-to-school memories.

And don't forget to check out my blog post I published back in July on how to document your end-of-school memories as it can be applied the same way to documenting your children's first day of school.