This eBook will help you to create emotive, yet simple, portraits using natural lighting techniques. You’ll get an inside look at how Anita brings her vision to life – you’ll see how she sets her scene, captures the image and edits with the printed photograph in mind. Throughout the Breakout, Anita shares her process for creating emotive portraits, shooting with Lensbaby lenses, understanding and using color management, as well as making shooting and post-production decisions.

Anita even walks you through her process for choosing a suitable paper for the finished print, whether you are using a custom printer or an online printing service. With easy to follow reading materials and videos on the elements needed to produce quality portraits and prints, the information and techniques Anita teaches apply to all photographers (no matter what genre you shoot!).



“I've read a lot of breakouts, and this really is one of my favorites! The layout of the PDF is so professional, and easy to read. Anita really breaks down all the information you need from shooting to print in concise easy to understand sections. I am so, so impressed by the level of detail, and the amount of information this breakout contains.

This breakout is for photographers of all levels, it really gives all the technical concepts along with her creative vision, with a lot of reference material. I will be pouring over this breakout long after it ends!”


“I’ve been a fan of Anita’s work and I am humbled to be able to learn from her in this breakout. I am most excited about the exercise with color. I know that this breakout will help focus me into being a more intentional shooter. And since I print EVERY picture I take, learning her process for preparing and shooting for print will make my family albums even more beautiful!

I also love that she is a Lensbaby photographer and that she talks about shooting with these lens! I am a new mother to a Lensbaby Velvet 85 and her chapter on these creative lenses already has me focusing and composing better.”


“I discovered Anita’s work last year and since then I have been a huge fan of her work, especially her portraits and her Lensbaby work. She has always been willing to share with knowledge, so I was really looking forward to her breakout regarding Emotive portraits. I have not been disappointed, one of the best breakouts I have purchased ever!

She shares so much information regarding composition, lighting, lenses, post-processing techniques, color management and printing. Anita is just amazing with her immediate feedback and serious critique.”


In this Workshop you will gain a much deeper understanding of the unique tools and color grading techniques that you can start using right away. You’ll discover skills and workflows that will help you to delve more deeply in not just how to perform the adjustments but why you make them in the first place, so that you can conduct more direct control over the color grading process. You’ll learn everything from how to evaluate and adjust color and contrast in your clips, to balancing the scene and matching the shots, all the way to color grading and stylization techniques that will help to transform your films and make them stand out.

This is a Workshop packed with concepts, tips and step-by-step explanations of unique tools and color grading techniques that build on each other. Blueprint the entire color grading process from start to finish and breathe life into your films.



“This workshop has been one of the best investments I have made in my filmmaking endeavors. I had no idea what I was missing until Anita introduced it. Learning the tools and techniques has changed EVERYTHING about how I shoot. I look at color and lighting completely different and I’ve learned how to use it to create the mood and style that reflects my vision. Before this workshop, the best I could hope for was to find a LUT to polish things up. Anita shows how to take a complete control over every aspect of the color grading process. The content is simply invaluable! Thank you Anita!"


“Anita's class has completely transformed how I approach the color grading process. I have been continuously trying to achieve the same style/look in my films that I have in my photos, but I was always falling flat. It was frustrating!

Her class has taught me how to utilize so many new tools I've had right at my fingertips this whole time. Thank you so much Anita for this one-of-a-kind course!”


“If you’re planning to master the color correction and color grading of your films you MUST take Anita’s workshop! I’ve enrolled in several courses in the past, but the content was so poor. As of now, even half way through the workshop, I know I’m in the right place. I’ve already learned a lot and I’m very excited to discover the material as it unfolds.

Color is a powerful skill that any filmmaker need to master. This workshop is an investment worth every penny!”


online and in-person experience

My goal is to assist you with what you’re looking to grow on. I’m here to get spark out of you and to help you learn the tools you’ll need to fine-tune your images to be unique representations of your own personal style.

We will dive into all the technical aspects to help you focus on your growth. This can mean anything from shooting, practicing and building your skills, following an organized process, editing and custom preset development, color correcting and grading, building your confidence so you can begin creating work that fulfills YOU.

I offer two hour or full day mentoring sessions, online and on-location.

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