Anita Perminova Portraits and Films Amsterdam Photoshoot 2018_web-3.jpg

this is your story, told through art.


Experiences we most often label as “just another day” are actually the defining moments in our life.

The once sharp details in our memory will drift away over the years. The most profound moments are so often left to slip away from our thoughts.

My style of photography is both casual and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when your family is less aware of the camera. There is no need for "acting" and "pretending" when it comes to loving your children that comes natural, isn't it?


Imagine being to look back and re-live a day with your family, - your baby's first steps, your husband teaching your child how to ride a bike, your mother reading stories to her grand children, a Saturday morning at home or an afternoon at the beach. I know the feeling.

A family film is all about preserving those moments which matter the most while I tell your unique story.

A picture smiles, but film dances. It laughs and sways to the music. It shares the emotions.


Anita took amazing photographs of my husband and I in such a beautiful city as Amsterdam. I expected the images would be beautiful but they turned out even better. She captured our special moments perfectly. The images come to life every time I look at them. We are eternally grateful to her!
— Karina