Booking Summer Holiday Sessions on Lanzarote, Spain | Family Portrait Photographer and Filmmaker

I always looked forward to summer as a child to frolic and play with my friends in my grandmother's country house or spending a wonderful summer vacation by the beach with my parents. Summer is a reminder of childhood and the spirit of living in the moment. Summer is a time to let loose and feel the warmth in the air.

We are so excited for the wonderful weather here in Amsterdam, it really feels like summer and we are having such a wonderful time and create amazing memories with my kiddos playing on the beach or in the nearby park with their friends.

I have a wonderful announcement for you lovely beautiful people vacationing or residing on Lanzarote. I am going to travel this summer and I am planning out my summer beach sessions on Lanzarote, Spain this August!

I'd like to document your holiday story and capture beautiful you. We will pick a beautiful spot on the beach to create your portraits. Let's capture those amazing moments with this beach photo session. I would like to hear from you! Fine art portrait sessions and your stories in film are also available.