Photography Education "Bringing Your Vision to Life: Emotive Portaits from Shoot to Print"



There is something so powerful about holding your memories in your hand, Being able to touch a part of your history, and knowing these are the stories you'll pass down for the next generation to enjoy.



In this Breakout you will be able to see what decisions I make to bring my vision to life in a beautifully printed photograph. I will show to you how I go from setting a scene to capturing and editing images with the print in mind. I will walk you through the process of choosing a suitable paper for a photograph and printing through a custom printer or an online printing service.

what you'll learn:

• how to create your images with intent and make your portraits more expressive;

• how to apply color theory to help you add a deeper context;

• how to post-process your images for print and handle the whole printing process (including how to choose a suitable paper to realize your artistic intent);

and so much more...

what you'll get:

• an eBook describing my process for creating emotive portraits, shooting with Lensbaby lenses, understanding and using color management, as well as making shooting and post-production decisions;

• 3+ hours of editing videos covering Lightroom and Photoshop;

• Bonus PDF "The Emotive Portrait" where I am sharing how I capture expressive portraits of my children;

• Photoshop workflow actions;

and so much more...



Price: $35 (seriously!! this is a STEAL when you see how much content is included!)

And just because you are the best and I truly appreciate you being following my work, I'd like to give you a little sneak peek into materials (shhhhh...)