8 personalized photo gift ideas to show your family you love them - Amsterdam Family Photographer

If you want to give your loved ones something truly personal for a holiday then this article is for you.

As a photographer, I try to turn our precious memories into unique and one-of-a-kind keepsakes that I know will be treasured forever by our grandparents, parents, and children.

It’s hard to find a perfect present that would be cherished by your loved ones; it seems we are always searching for something that would mean a lot but won’t cost a fortune. These photo gift ideas are perfect for Christmas gifts, Mother’s and Father’s Day surprises, and even birthday presents.

1. 12-month planner

A monthly planner makes a wonderful gift for those who enjoy keeping paper notes. I’ve been doing this for the last two years and everyone I give them to loves them a lot!

I create a Moleskine planner which turns out to be more than just a notebook and the photos help add a little personal touch. My husband loves making his to-do lists, thus he is always super excited to receive a new notebook that fits his needs perfectly.

2. Photo cards

This is my children’s favourite gift to help create. Photo cards are often made with photographs but I let the kids paint or draw the “photo” that will grace the cover of the card, like making snowmen out of their fingers and white paint. These cards are true keepsakes for your loved ones and wonderful adornments for any present.

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3. Desk calendar

This one was a hit at our last Christmas. I chose 12 images matching the season and mood of each month and printed them out as a desk calendar with a brass easel which looks really beautiful on a desk.

4. Digital frame

A digital frame is a wonderful gift to share your photos directly to your loved ones’ frames, even if they are halfway across the world. I find it to be a wonderful gift solution for our grandparents and those relatives residing far away from us.

With built-in Wi-Fi, this frame lets you import photos from your social media. I created a folder on Flickr and connected it to the company’s server. Every time I upload new images they are automatically updated in the frame. How easy is that?!

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5. Fine art prints

My older daughter wanted to give a gift for her grandparents. She chose her best six portraits and printed them on a fine art mounted cotton paper which came with a handmade prints box and a wooden display. This turned out to be a great keepsake for them!

The prints can be swapped out throughout the year which they love. Because of this, my daughter is planning to update their collection on the next holiday.

6. Framed prints

Framed prints are a wonderful way to turn your photographs into something very special that your grandparents will cherish every time they look at it. This framed print was a Christmas present for our grandfather. He was super happy to receive it as his holiday gift and now he’s very proud to have it on his desk.

7. Wall canvas

Wall canvases turn a special image into a simple piece of art. I’ve printed a few framed prints and canvases for my clients in the past and since my packages arrive at my home studio, my husband is able to see all those beautiful client products. Once he asked me if he could have one or two portraits of our children printed big. I guess now I know what his next present is going to be!

8. Photo book

I stumbled across the idea of a photo design project on the Design Aglow blog when searching for another unique birthday gift idea for my husband. Basically, it’s a book created by you and your kids and is a great reflection of how your children view their daddy at this stage in life.

All you need to create a book is a handful of your favorite photos and a list of questions you would like to include. Once it is printed, ask your children to create some drawings and answer the questions by writing their answers down in the book. We did this for my husband but you could do this for anyone.

I print my books through online printing companies such as BlurbMilkbooks, and Artifact Uprising.

Print your photos and share them with your loved ones! Creative photo gifts make the most memorable and personal presents for loved ones.

How you store your digital media may go out-of-date (who remembers floppy disks?) and the files that you have stored in these digital formats become inaccessible. Instead, a print will always be there.

A framed photo hanging proudly on your wall is there for everyone to see. There is something nostalgic and romantic about being able to curl up on the couch with your children and look back at your old family photos.