Mozi Magazine - November Travel Issue

One day I started writing down pieces of my days with my children and take pictures to accompany my words. I realized and there is no denying that we forget more than we remember. When you are in the moment you tell yourself that you are not going to forget something as funny or as special as that, but the reality is that we almost always forget within some time.

Being a mother has changed me. It began as a project of sorts, my intention was to preserve our memories and capture every detail of their fleeting childhood. I wanted to take pictures of my kids doing what they do, dressed how they are dressed, documenting our everyday, would it be an ordinary school day or our holiday trip.

And so here it is, I am bursting with gratitude for allowing my work to be exposed to the world and I am so thankful to Mozi Magazine for publishing my images in The November 2016 Travel Issue.  This is an issue packed with goodness full of inspiration, adventure and stunning photographs from all over the world. The contributors lineup is amazing. Please, head over to Mozi Magazine web page and get your own copy.