Creating music experience with Lucky Beat

Last week-end I was invited to document a special event for a new music project in Amsterdam. The children of all ages were invited to try singing and play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums as a part of a rock band. I have to say it's a project created with lots of love and passion.

Let me tell you a little bit about the founder, Maria. She is an amazing mom of four beautiful children. The bond between Maria and her children is simply a feeling that cannot be confined by words. She is one of those women who is passionate about what she does filling our hearts with love and support. The first time I met Maria, I instantly connected with her. She is one of those people who makes you feel comfortable straight away.

amsterdam photographer anita perminova portraits and films with lucky beat at open day in toomler

Music was always an important part in Maria's life. Her children showed their interest in music from the earliest stages of their childhood. Together they do musical exercises, learn musical instruments, and sing songs in different languages. Maria is a song and music writer herself.  At the moment she is busy with a script writing for an animated video for a song performed by her oldest daughter Daria "Dance with an Alien".

The idea of the music project was born a couple years ago and for the last three months Maria is actively working on starting up this project.

"I gathered a team of incredibly talented musicians from different countries who know how and love to work with children on a professional level. We are not just launching a new music project - we input lots of love and passion into it. This project is really special to us, this is our life!"

I was truly honored to be apart of this amazing project and we had such a fabulous time last Saturday on the very first Open Day at Lucky Beat. That was an amazing experience to witness so many talented children expressing their love and passion to music. Especially to me, as a photographer, I had so much joy to see the happiness on their little faces, I feel like I am charged with so much positive energy for the rest of this month.

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