How to Color Grade your Videos in Lightroom

If you are like me, you probably have already tried shooting videos on your DSLR, but have you tried editing your DSLR videos in Premier Pro or Final Cut? This feels a bit frustrating to me and to me it would definitely require some time to get to know better those programs and feel confident enough editing videos. In this tutorial I am going to show to you how I use Lightroom to color grade my videos. The process is actually pretty simple and totally worth the effort!

1. Navigate to your video in Library module (videos are not supported in Develop module). Click on a white rectangle under the video and choose "Capture Frame". It is going to take a screen shot and make a .jpeg image for you. Select the image and go to the Develop module.

2. Now, I am going to make all the required adjustments to my image. Keep in mind, that only the following will be used on the video: white balance, exposure, contrast, black and white clipping, tone curve, treatment (color), split toning, process version, calibration.

3. Next, I am going to create a preset. Generally I save my new presets for my videos in a "user presets" folder. You can rather check all or check only the once you have adjusted. Make sure "Process Version" is checked. Name a preset and click "Create".

4. Click "G" to go back to the Library Module and select the video. No we need to apply our preset to the video. You will find Saved Presets on the right side of your screen in Quick Develop panel. Select your preset and apply to your video.

That's it! Also, this is my VERY FIRST video I shot with my DSLR Nkon D750 and Sigma Art 1.4.