How to Capture Amazing Images and Not Drown out All the Family Fun | Amsterdam Travel Photographer and Filmmaker

Capturing amazing pictures while on vacation with your children and your spouse doesn't have to be daunting. However, it can be frustrating every now and then once on a family trip. And you can feel it that your family doesn't want to "pretend" they don't notice you're spending more time "documenting" your holiday instead of having some quality time with them. Being there, done that! Here’s what I’ve learned about how you can get those beautiful shots while enjoying family time together and not drowning out the fun.

As a mother of two little girls I know I can't expect from them to wait patiently while I set my camera for the perfect shot every half an hour. They are on vacation and they want to play. Knowing your camera gear is the most important thing so you can spend more time directing your kids instead of figuring out what lens to use and how to change your camera settings. Remember, you have to work fast and set some time aside without a camera. Family time and memories are all that matter!

Look for ways to capture the day. I am traveling with my kids since they were born and I know that they don't remember our trips when they were two years old and younger. However, I loved to include them in the pictures capturing the moment of where I took them taking the wider-framed shot incorporating more of the background.

When traveling with your children and your spouse get up earlier, let the rest of your family sleep or watch some cartoons before breakfast, and go for a morning photo walk.

To me it is a little bit boring having your child just standing in front of a monument especially when traveling in a different culture. I encourage them playing in the environment trying to capture their candid moments. They should be having fun creating pleasant memories as well from their vacation. Instead of capturing them looking at the camera and smiling, look for the opportunities to show their personality. For example, let their hands accentuate the story.

Do you have a point and shoot camera or an old camera that you don't use anymore and think that probably one day your children would be interested in photography? Depending on their age it could be the perfect time to get your child involved and go for a shooting hunt together. You can give them some theme for a day, to look for some objects or color. I promise to you they are going to have lots of fun and on top of it feeling extremely proud of doing it together with you.

Be sure to enjoy the moments and avoid overshooting. Taking an unlimited amount of images of the same smile, action, etc. can work against you as it feels too overwhelming to even go through the pictures and cull them down. It is easier to have a few good ones to frame and enjoy the rest of the time with your family!

Since very recently I shoot videos as well as stills. Videos can capture moments that happen too quickly to get as still shots, also they allow me to tell stories that I want to remember.

Your children will not be kids forever, one day they grow up and you will have plenty of time again.Try to spend lots of quality time with your children whenever you're with or without your camera. Family time and memories you don't want to forget!