#HELLOSUMMERSTORIES photo challenge | Amsterdam Portrait Photographer and Filmmaker


Hey friends, we are counting down the days till the kids are out of school and off for summer holidays! Honestly, I'm very looking forward to leave behind that morning school routine.

Summer is a magical time and so many memories are made during this season of our children's life. Summer is a reminder of childhood and the spirit of living in the moment. Recording those summertime moments can be a fun and very rewarding project for the whole family.

I've compiled a "Summer Photo Bucket List" with 30 prompts and 16 photography tips to give you a little jump start on recording your summer memories!

Those photography tips were inspired by the questions I'm most frequently asked. Play with these tips, allow yourself make mistakes, but most of all have fun as you are here to make some life long memories with your children!

Your summer bucket list is perfect as an actual checklist. You can print it on to white card stock and stick it on your fridge, or tuck it in your pocket.  Don't forget to share your favorite summer shots from the list and post your photos on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #hellosummerstories.



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