Four Reasons Why A Film Session Should Be On Your TO DO List

I will be short this time. I have just finalized another film for one of my dearest clients and one personal film. I know it would be much easier for me if I didn't care about having my camera here and there, as apart my work and writing a class for a photography school, we were stuck at home most of the month, sick, with a fever, not the best times. Hope you had a better month. But I am happy I pushed it through and have these moments captured, even though these scenes may seem super boring as of now as this is what we do and this is fresh to us and it's not a memory yet. I know it's a priceless gift, it will be. So, here's why films matter.

  • Watching a video is much more fun to your kids than looking at pictures.

  • Video allows you to re-live a moment in a way that a photograph can't. It laughs and sways to the music. It shares the emotions.

  • Because every day is the day when your kids are this little, or do things the way they do it now. Creating a film to remember the details and having it all recorded is a priceless gift you can give to yourself AND them.

  • And just for statistics, almost every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more – have all made it easier to upload, view and share videos on their respective apps and websites with your family and friends.

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My recent February film from my personal archive.