Fine Art Portraiture with Polina and Evgeny

Awe I already miss this sweet girl and her brother. It is always such a pleasure to have this family in my studio. Thank you so very much for trusting me to capture your beautiful memories for you and creating these beautiful photo art pieces for your home walls.

Zhenya - Anita Perminova - Photoshoot 2017-1.jpg
Anita’s work is always emotive, expressive, deep and really beautiful. I truly enjoy the process of shooting with her too, as she creates an amazing atmosphere during the shooting process which is very relaxing and super friendly.

I can always recognize her work from the others because it is different. Her work is unique and moving. Thank you, Anita, for creating beautiful portraits of my children and capturing our memories!
— Ekaterina
fine art portratuire polina 2017 web-4.jpg

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