Creating A Film Of Your Lifetime: What to Expect From Start To Finish.


You have an idea of what you want filmed and photographed, but it may feel scary to say yes not knowing exactly how a session works. Let’s talk a little about how my process works, so you’ll understand what to expect from start to finish. Going beyond your experience is important.

This is a video I shot a couple days ago of my little one. I just wanted to record her voice and faces she makes, she goes through the stage of pretending being a baby, clearly she does not want to become an adult (and I love it!).

(for photographers: this video was shot with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 on Nikon D750 and I also played with editing techniques in Premiere Pro. I am enjoying it a lot!)

1. The Beginning

CONTRACT? CHECK. SESSION FEE? CHECK. YOU'RE BOOKED! I’ll send you a questionnaire that will help me get to know you. Many clients make a date of it and answer the questions together like taking a visit down memory lane - their feedback is often how surprisingly fun it was!

2. Brainstorm Call

QUESTIONNAIRE TURNED IN. CHECK. Usually before you’re booked, we have a pretty general idea of what you’d like filmed and photographed. From your questionnaire, I’ll put together a game plan for our time together and conduct a “Brainstorm Call” to reaffirm we are planning something you will LOVE.

3. Waiting for Our Session Day

THE ANTICIPATION IS ON HIGH. About a week or so until our session, I’ll check in with a quick tip (like, everyone wants to know what to wear) or just to see how you’re doing. My goal here is to keep you excited and for your end to feel as stress-free as a Mojito in Mexico (it all just feels right!).

4. The Session Day

WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS AT THE SHOOT? After I arrive at your house, I’ll introduce myself to your family and chat for a bit. Next, I’ll ask for a little tour of the house, and then the rest of the session will just flow naturally with zero guidance from me for longer sessions, or with a bit of guidance for shorter sessions. It will feel like you just have a new friend hanging with you. You do not need to worry how you should look/what you should do and I’ll help you through any of those fears. This is where my talent lies and why you hired me, so trust in that. Your job: enjoy our time together. Simple as that.

5. Waiting for the Gallery

Let’s celebrate the fact that you are brave! You said yes to taking control of your memories. Please reflect on our time together, because I want to know how you felt about the experience. I’ll send you a lookbook of product choices as well as date and time options for our gallery reveal & product order session. And I'll post a sneak peek on my Facebook page and/or website for you to share with family/friends.

6. The Gallery Reveal + Product Ordering

Music. It’s time to see your story. You’ll see unnoticed moments turned into custom art. You’ll see photos that make you say things like, “OMG, that is so him!” You may cry. You may laugh. You will smile. You’ll be hooked to this style of photography! You’ll get to feel and touch the products I have on display, so you can visualize what your story will look like in the products before you purchase. You’ll decide on the must-haves during this session and save 10% on your order during this time only. You’ll leave feeling like this experience was an exceptional decision.

7. Product Delivery

YOUR GALLERY IS OPEN FOR 21 DAYS. As you wait for the delivery of your products, you’ll have the opportunity to share your gallery with friends and family. You may also order additional prints and products during this time at standard rates. Your products will arrive in a beautiful package from me within 4-6 weeks from your order. If you live near me, I may hand deliver your products, because seeing your reaction to how they look is the most rewarding experience I can have as a photographer…. plus we’re friends by now!

8. Our After Party

WE’LL STAY CONNECTED. You’ll hear from me to see how you’re doing, fill you in on what I’ve been up to, send you inspiration for our next session, and let you be the first to know if I run any kind of a promo. You have the ability to earn your next session at an exclusive rate by referring your friends and family to me.