3 simple things you can do to support your creative efforts

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Tell me the truth, how often do you find yourself staring at a blank timeline?! I'm sure we've all been there... So, how do you deal with this? what the solution can be? Here what helps me the most.

1. This is good to follow the same routine!

Trust me, by building the same structure and following the same steps you are off to a good organization system and it becomes your second nature. Going through materials, organizing your sources, arranging your files in folders is a part of the editing process. This preparation system builds confidence and lets to set yourself up for success to support your creative efforts.

2. Make a rough cut and then refine.

Sometimes the ideas don't come until you start seeing something on your timeline. Get your rough structure figured out and then start fine-tuning frames and audio. You don't have to worry about working on the tiny details in the very beginning. Eventually you'll do something that will inspire you and set you down the right path.

3. Work with scenes first and then piece them together.

As an alternative and again to start seeing something on your timeline, cut the clips for a scene, put them together in a scene. Repeat the same with all the other scenes by putting them on your timeline. It may look like you've got a structure to work around. Think of it like "puzzle" or Sudoku. The more pieces you put together, the easier the rest will fall into place.

Hope this is helpful! it works for me when i get stuck :)