25 pictures to take this holiday season

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Hey, is it the 1st of December already? We love December, this is a month of family traditions and holiday magic. A lot is going on in our house during the month of December. Also, this is a holiday which is about spending time with your family. It's about enjoying favorite traditions and activities that make lasting memories.

I have started with this tradition since my first child was born and since then when I ask my children what they remember about past holidays, they never mention the presents they've received, but things like picking up a tree, setting up our Nativity set, making Christmas cards for family and teachers, or going ice-skating and having hot chocolate. This is the experience that come to their mind, those are the moments during the holiday season that stick with them and that's the reason why I love celebrating Christmas countdowns.

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We are always having so many things to do during the holidays, having a set of advent ideas and activities helps my family to be intentional during the holidays and do something TOGETHER, spend time with each other.

Some of the activities are pre-planned, like decorating the house and getting the tree or making Christmas cards. Others are surprise activities for my kids. I mostly keep our activities the same, but as the kids are growing I modify them just a bit appropriate to their age and add something new (also depends on the location of your residence, - for a couple of years I was looking for any Santa around the city, but they just simply do not have any here, as locally the traditions are a bit different here).

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All of our activities are family-focused because life goes by so quickly and these activities keep us grounded and makes us to connect to each other every single day. These activities may go well as a photo prompt list, just snap a couple of pictures daily and you will have a wonderful variety of pictures documenting your December.

25 photos to take this holiday season christmas photo prompt list

If you follow me, you know that I love to capture life on video. Lat December was the time when I started practicing video techniques, here is one of my very first videos.

I still have a pile of video clips I took daily, I must find time to compile a short video, because these are too precious memories.

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