24 Frames. A Filming Project: September - Exploring Van Gogh's Paintings with children in a treasure hunt.

anita perminova amsterdam portraits and films van gogh explore paintings in a treasure hunt with children

As the Fall season is approaching we tend to do more indoor activities rather than going outside. What I love the best about the museums here in Amsterdam, you can never get bored exploring around. There are so many various activities offered for your little ones, I love they can start communicating with art from their very early years, drawing and painting workshops, treasure hunt games, family tours, this is just to mention a few. 

Last week-end I took my kids to Van Gogh Museum, I have to be honest it wasn't our first time. This time we went for a treasure hunt exploring Van Gogh's paintings. That was fun to browse around finding fragments of paintings or answering various questions about the same paintings. Of course at the end of every trip kids receive a little gift and this makes the whole adventure so exciting to them!

I wish I could include more of the environment inside the museum, however it is not allowed to shoot the paintings, thus you will see more of my girls and what they were up to.

This film I created within our 24 Frames. A Filming Project. This film was shot with Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm Art. We are also on Instagram.