Only a few days left of school and summer holidays will officially begin around here! Kids will be out of school and I'm feeling really excited to leave behind that morning school routine. Summer is a magical time and so many memories are made during this season of our children’s life.

Recording those summertime moments can be a fun and very rewarding project. It doesn't matter whether you have a professional camera or not, there are times when I take pictures with my iPhone! In general, I am trying to document my summer in photos with some photo ideas in mind. And today I would like to share with you with some of my prompts and photography tips to give you a little jump start on recording your memories!

photography tips and summer prompts:

1. I am sure we all have quite a few nostalgic childhood summer food memories from growing up, should it be fresh corn-on-the-cob from a street food fest, picking a few buckets of blueberries from the bushes in blueberries orchards, or having a milkshake date at some nearby cafe. Be sure to capture your favorite summer food memories at least a few time over the course of summer to help to tell the complete story. Try both up close and pulled back images and it is not really necessary if your child look at the camera.

2. Kids love building sandcastles. Make sure you head to the beach before the sun gets too hot (the midday sun isn’t the best for photos anyway – too much brightness and contrast, too many shadows). Grab a bucket, a spade, make castles. Shoot from above. Lay down in the sand and shoot at their level. And think about your background too, shoot with the water in the background.

3. As long as your camera is safe, splashing is good. Let the kids splash in puddles. Get them to jump into the pool. Watch the water trickle over their feet at the beach.

4. The parks and playgrounds are the perfect places to get creative. Try to step back and take in the larger scene to let go of the need to capture your child’s face at the park.

5. Sidewalk chalk drawing is one of the activities your kids are busy with during the summer. Make sure you record your children's artwork - don’t forget to capture the end result!

6. Summers are for doing not much at all. I also try to record a quiet moment. There are afternoon naps and downtime during the day out of the sun. For images like these I like to capture as many images as I can before they notice me. I prefer to shoot from above, to step back or set up across the room from my kids.

Have fun taking photos this summer!