about me

Thank you for visiting my website, I'm so happy you are here!

My name is Anita and I'm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with my husband and two young children. I've always loved anything artistic and creative.

I am passionate about turning real life into fine art.

From the moment I picked up my camera for the first time to capture our first vacation on the beach with our little girls, I knew I was onto something special.

And today, watching the smiles spread across my children's faces as they relive our everyday moments and family adventures in albums and on little screens, I look forward to creating more beautiful, simple portraits and emotive films which will act as a window back to our special moments for years to come.

My work has been featured in various magazines and online publications including Click Magazine, Lensbaby, Clickin Moms, Mozi Mag, Your Short National Geographic, Child Photo Competition, The Long Way Home Mag. In 2017 I was voted one of Clickin Moms Top 100 Photographers to Watch. I'm a Click&Co Blog Contributor, CMPro Member, a contributing artist at Offset stock imagery collection by Shutterstock and a mentor to fellow photographers.

Experiences we most often label as “just another day” are actually the defining moments in our life. The once sharp details in our memory will drift away over the years. The most profound moments are so often left to slip away from our thoughts.

A few days ago I put together our family film, little snippets from 2017, things I want to remember and memories I want make alive. I am feeling super happy for having this done.  I know this film will evoke deep feelings once we re-watch it years down the road. And I feel happy and at the same time confident that my children will have their story to share when they are way older.