Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Hi, i’m anita!

I’m a portrait photographer, filmmaker, educator and a mom to my two lovely girls currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


I haven’t been always doing what I love the most, - creating beautiful imagery and films preserving memories for others, sharing my knowledge with creatives through online courses, - before I realized I was a photographer and filmmaker, Right after the University I persuaded my career in a major business consulting company. My photography journey started when our second daughter was born. All I wanted was to record their firsts, their lasts, and all the fleeting moments in between that go by in flash.

As a photographer I am passionate about turning real life into fine art. I love to capture simple, yet classic, emotive portraits and create films preserving family memories and stories.

While I adore creating and exploring all sorts of digital art, I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with other creatives, especially all things editing and color grading.


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